We are proud to present our hand knit wool sweaters. They are warm, high quality, 100% wool sweaters made in the Andes mountain area of Ecuador, South America These beautiful sweaters come as cardigans (with zippers or buttons), two button neck with collar and pullover style with a rolled neck. We have a large variety of designs for both women and men. Styles range from the classic fisherman’s or cable knit, to Nordic styles, to Canadian Maple Leaf to great outdoor patterns, to Western themes. We have a complete wool accessory line to complement the sweaters. Here is a few examples of the large variety of styles and colours available.


Wool Accessories

Check out our variety of wool toques, scarves and mitts. Our accessories have been hand knit and meet the same high standards as our wool sweaters.

Alpaca Sweaters

Alpaca fibre is so warm and soft. We have beautiful women’s cardigans that are a wonderful addition to any ward robe. They can be worn casual, to the office or those elegant occasions. They come in beautifully blended colours, are sized and have hand painted buttons with an emergency button included.

Men’s cardigans, V-neck and vest sweaters come sized and in the natural colours of the alpaca. They have a very good price point.



As proud Canadians we offer our line of Canadiana, they are ideal for tourist shops and other stores who like our cherished Maple Leaf. We have many products incorporating the Maple Leaf design such as our sweaters, wool accessories, purses and many inexpensive gift items.