Leather Hand Bags

We have our exclusive and exquisite hand bag line; The Condor Meets the Eagle. These handbags combine Colombian leather with hand woven wool panels incorporating Native and Western designs. Each bag is unique in the artwork of the weaving, so no two purses are identical, so you have uniqueness and quality. The superior craftmanship creates a beautiful purse that will last a life time.

Horse Hair Products

We have Hand Braided Horse Hair in:

  • hat bands
  • bracelets
  • stampede strings
  • key chains


Bags, Purses and Wallets

We have shoulder bags, purses, coin purses, pouches and wallets and other small accessory and gift items. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colour combinations. They are colourful, practical, and inexpensive. There are styles for all ages.



Make a fashion statement with a funky hat! We have different styles, a variety of colours, made of cotton or woll. Adult and some children's sizes.