Musical Instruments

We have a collection small, inexpensive, easy to play instruments from the Andes Mountains that were played in pre-Inca times! There are Pan flutes that are inexpensive made of decorated bamboo, and are semi professional quality. The "Ocarina" is a simple clay flute that is easy to play. They come in various shapes and all have beautifully hand painted designs. We have "Maracas" with intricately hand carved decorations and that sound good. We also have shakers, twirl drums, wood flutes and other inexpensive instruments.


Spirit Whistle Necklace

Spirit Whistles.

Are easy and fun to play. An inexpensive whistle that lets you play musical notes that is hand painted in Native motifs. Playing instructions and mounting card included.


Our cotton crochet haki-sak is very popular and meets the test for the experienced and demanding "haker". They come in a variety of colours and designs. We will mix the order to your liking of styles.